Tired, inundated, stressed. Anxiety creeping, low levels looming, culminating in exhaustion. Looking for a distraction, searching for a release.

Sweet kisses beginning at my ankle, slowly, so slowly. Calf, shin, knee, soft, so soft. Tongue running along my inner thigh, bite my hips, breathe me in.

Tongue tracing down my pubic bone, look at me, smiles.

Kiss my lips, kiss my clit. Circles, go slow, left, my left, higher, faster. Please, please, fuck.

Build me up, wait, slow, side to side, edging, you tease.

Tongue playing with my clit, finger sliding inside my cunt finding those sweet ridges. Stroke them, come here.

Softly building, quickening, swelling, begging, head rolling, fuck, fuck, oh my deity.

Freedom, release, pure pleasure. Endorphins levelling, oxytocin bonding baby.

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