She brushed her lips softly against his, biting his bottom lip and tugging gently. The tip of her tongue traced the artery in his neck, following the blood pumping down his body. She felt a suggestive throbbing beneath her.

She slid easily down his body, kissing his skin and biting the sides of his smooth torso. Her hips rose slowly to expose the curves of her thighs. Her arse was framed delicately by a few entwined streams of lace that met tantalisingly at the base of her lower spine.

She ran her tongue along his penis whilst cocking her head to watch him, his pupils dilated as his gaze followed hers. Circling the tip she slowly engulfed his shaft, lowering her head until he met the back of her throat. She kept her lips bound tightly against his skin. Raising her head upwards her eyes scintillated, the flush in his chest spread along his neck as he quivered.

Her hands joined her mouth, twisting her wrists as they ran over his length and met her lips. She continued the rhythmic motion, slowly building speed and tightening, then easing off and starting again.

She paused, lifting her head to kiss his hips. One hand gripped his base whilst her fingers slid down beneath his balls, gently stroking him as she took each one into her mouth and tugged softly. His calves twitched, his toes curling whilst his hips gyrated under her.

Her tongue travelled upwards, returning to his tip slowly. Taking her time she began rubbing her tongue delicately against the join in his nerve endings. His hands flexed gripping the sheets surrounding them, her hips followed his, circling slowly as his pleasure heightened her enjoyment.

Slowly she began to build again, stimulating the length of his shaft with her lips. Her tongue encircled him as her head raised and lowered, her fingers remained in place gently massaging. At the base of each movement she convulsed, enjoying the violation of him at the back of her throat, her hips quickening, her back arching. Each convulsion instigated a soft choking sound, which in turn aroused a low, carnal groan of pleasure from within him. His hands found her neck, encouraging her pace, holding himself deep inside her until a gasp released her.

His abdominal muscles tightened as he grew closer, his body curved to allow himself to watch her. His hands in her hair so he could see the full extent of her lips and tongue working. She mercifully obliged his breathless requests as she worked faster, sucking harder, tightening her grip on him as the urgency of his pulse in her mouth heightened.

He came, hard, his hands pulling her head down onto him, forcing her to take him in as far as possible. With her mouth against his skin she shuddered uncontrollably as he came, calling out her name as his body convulsed. His semen warmed the back of her throat as she choked. She swallowed rapidly so as to continue stimulating his orgasm to fruition. Slowing fully, lightening her touch, she released him as he finished.

“Fuck me, you are divine.”

“All my pleasure.”

“Your turn?”

“My turn.”


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