Sixty nine is my most favourite number

She lay draped over the bed, her head lolling off the side watching him standing above her. Her feet were tucked up with their soles resting neatly against the bedsheets. The skin covering her pale thighs kept grazing past each other as her knees, raised upwards, swayed slowly from side to side as she looked up at him. The length of her torso lay naked and exposed, her eyes inviting him down to play.

He watched her knees oscillate beneath him. Each motion transversing into a gentle hip gyration against the bed. He hadn’t touched her yet, restraining from the impulse growing slowly in his pants as she lounged alluringly underneath him.

Starting at her neck his fingers traced her collarbones, running smoothly down her sternum and ever so gently stroking her stomach. He paused momentarily causing her to look longingly up at him. He waited, then moved to her breasts, flicking each nipple and watching her as she exhaled. Her lips parted and her deepened breathing was visible as her chest rose and fell, her nipples hardening.

Leaning over her body his hands firmly gripped her hips. He kissed her knees once and then running his tongue along her inner thigh he roughly pushed her knees apart, forcing the soles of her feet together, exposing her cunt. He forced his tongue fully inside her and then replacing it with two fingers he began vigorously circling her clit with the tip of it. She gasped at his sudden insistence. Her hands found the back of his thighs and she tried to pull his hips down towards her.

He grabbed both of her hands in a single bind and held them tightly against her as he continued, refusing to relent, causing her to drip with the combination of them both. Releasing her hands, he fumbled with the button on his jeans, hastily unzipping his fly and then using his thumb to release himself. His cock popped up directly above her mouth, long, hard and ready.

He lowered himself into her open mouth, the length of his shaft throbbing against her wet tongue. He groaned into her as she began sucking, angling her head to let him in deeper. His hips pulsed downwards into her, his tongue circling her clit and his finger curling inside her.

Her hands ran up his thighs and over his arse, her nails digging into his flesh as his dick ran down the length of her tongue. The weight of him above her and the pulsing in her mouth brought her quickly to the edge. Feeling her tighten he slowed, sucking her clit gently and tracing the edges of her labia with his fingertips.

She quickened her pace against him, flicking her tongue against his tip, whimpering as her swollen clit begged for release. He obliged, thrusting two fingers inside her wet cunt, sliding his tongue between her lips finding her clit and prepping it for release. He began grinding faster into her, his cock hard in her mouth bringing her closer and closer.

She came, a long, slow orgasm that caused her legs to quiver uncontrollably. Her back arched as her eyes opened wide. Her throat emitted a continuous desperate groan, muffled only by the presence of him in her. The vibrations of her pleasure caused him to come simultaneously, ejaculating into her mouth.

He collapsed on top of her, rolling onto his side and pulling her with him, mixing their sweat as they held onto each other.

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