For me

As my eyes close I see you. The expression of your pleasure deeply imprinted into the back of my eyelids, brought forward willingly when needed. My fingers slide down my body, exploring the internal desire the vision of your bottom lip arouses within me. A deep inhale and my breath slows, focusing on the gentle rotation of my fingertips, the soft pulsing along my clitoris and the images swimming through my mind.

I want to be patient and enjoy the show but my body has other ideas, tensing, wanting to knit together all the muscles in my groin to satiate the growing pressure beneath my fingers. Waiting is so hard.

The blood throbs through my body and my skin prickles with sweat, ignited by the fire deep within. A single bead rests delicately in the concave of my chest, rising upwards with a quiver on every measured inhale and then returning to lie tantalisingly just beneath the thin sheet that covers me.

The muscles in my legs are tightening, I can feel my hips grinding against the bed as my clit throbs harder, desperately close to the finish. My mind urging my fingers on, faster, rubbing so precisely over the perfect edge.

Orgasms are violently delicious. A slow build when done just right, peaking at a fleeting point of pure ecstasy, which then glides sweetly from the head down to the roots, where it meets banding together bringing pulses of divine pleasure. A pleasure so easily achievable no mere mortal deserves such free access to it. And yet again and again I will continue until exhausted, drenched in sweat and with no mental capacity left, except to lie deeply and await as sleep comes calling me away from you.



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