The pleasures of pounding

One hand in her hair, the other on her hip, guiding her up and down as he watches himself slide into her, the soft flesh of her arse shaking as she lands on his pelvis. She bounces up and down her thighs burning, his hand moves from her hair to her hip, his thumb in the small of her back steadying her. He sits up wrapping his arm around her chest and biting the back of her neck, his breath travelling across her skin.

Then he pulls her back down with him, still inside her. Forcing her legs up he reaches around to grab her thighs, holding her against him whilst he fucks her. She lies with her back on his chest, her face next to his, her teeth biting his lips as he lifts his hips up into her again and again.

He rolls her sideways off of him, lying flat on her front, his hand on her back pushes her face into the mattress. Her legs are together now as he slides in and out of her from behind, her lower back lightly arched so he can slide in deeper. The sound of their breathing mixes in with the sound of his hips meeting hers as he thrusts harder into her.

He releases his hand pulling her up onto all fours, raising one knee so he can reach forward and run his hands roughly down the front of her body. His finger trace her flesh, exploring her, holding her breasts and digging his fingers into her back. He slows down to watch as he delivers a deliberate slap causing her skin to ripple and her back to arch upwards.

He pushes her forward, off of him onto the bed. She rolls over, wriggling back over to him and lifting her hips towards him. He kneels above her, lifting her hips up and wrapping her legs around him as he enters her. He pulls her higher still, causing her to roll onto her head. Her whole body shudders every time he enters her. His hands holding her lower back watches her, eyes closed, mouth open, chest rising.

He leans forward so she can catch the back of his neck and he pulls her up suddenly. She locks her arms around him pulling herself up onto him. Her legs wrapped around his waist he steps off the bed, lifting her up. Her fingers locked behind his head hold her onto him as he teases her legs to loosen, sliding his arms under her thighs and gripping her waist. He holds her still as he thrusts into her, his eyes locked on hers. She follows his mouth, her arms fighting to hold on. He pulls her closer, his mouth on hers as he comes inside her, his legs weaken and his full weight falls on her as he kisses her face. Salty and sweaty deep kisses.

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